[PAEE] PA Standards aligned to schoolyard vegetable gardening and "Life Under a Log" programs

John Jose jjose at ptd.net
Wed Feb 23 07:11:49 EST 2011



I am interested in being able to demonstrate how schoolyard, vegetable
gardening supports and correlates with PA Learning Standards, particularly
EE/Science standards, but also with standards in other subject areas, such
as math, writing, etc. 


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd inquire about any existing
sources that outline these correlations that I can borrow from. 


This particular gardening project involves 2nd grade students utilizing
raised beds to plant then maintain, harvest/process and consume "baby"
lettuce while school is in session.  


Also, I would like to be able to demonstrate the same for a "Life Under a
Log" program I offer that focuses on vertebrate and invertebrate communities
supported by woody debris on forest floors, as well as decomposition, feed
webs, energy and nutrient recycling, etc. 


Any assistance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


John Jose

Otter Creek Environmental Education Services 

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