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Roy Boyle royboyle at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 15:48:35 EST 2010

 Donnan Stoicovy asked me to post this on the listserv with the attachment.
 It looks interesting!

Roy Boyle
Public Relations Director
*From: *Kristina Hopkins <krhopkin at chesapeakebay.net>
*Date: *February 2, 2010 3:12:03 PM EST
*To: *"'dms11 at scasd.org'" <dms11 at scasd.org>
*Subject: **Chesapeake Bay Education Website BayBackpack.com Launched*


I was wondering if you can help us spread the word about the Bay Backpack
through Pennsylvania.  Perhaps you can send this note out through any
listservs you may have.  Please let me know if you can help spread the word.

*Chesapeake Bay Education Website BayBackpack.com Launched*
The Chesapeake Bay Program is happy to announce the launch of
BayBackpack.com <http://www.baybackpack.com/>, an online resource for
teachers and environmental educators to engage students in hands-on learning
about the Chesapeake Bay and its local waterways.  Bay Backpack also houses
resources on forests, farming, development and other environmental topics.
Bay Backpack provides educators with the necessary resources to give their
students a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE), which are
extensive projects that allow students to gain a deep understanding of
environmental issues in the Chesapeake Bay and its local streams and
rivers.  To learn more about Bay Backpack, visit www.baybackpack.com.
Interested educators can also follow Bay Backpack on Twitter @baybackpack to
receive additional education-related news and resources.

*Krissy Hopkins*
Fostering Stewardship Team
Chesapeake Research Consortium
Chesapeake Bay Program
410 Severn Ave., Suite 109
Annapolis, MD 21403

(410) 267-5667
Fridays: (412) 310-6513
krhopkin at chesapeakebay.net

Check out the BayBackpack <http://www.baybackpack.com/> the source for bay
education resources for teachers!
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