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Contact: Angela Zimmerman, Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art
Phone Number- 717-692-3699
Date to Keep: Saturday, April 29th 10 am to 12 noon
HEADING:  Meet and Greet the Gardening Techniques of the 21st Century
At the Ned Smith Nature Center

Presentation:  Keeping the Bugs at Bay with Beneficial Insects and Flawless 
Gardening Techniques and Tools

Millersburg, PA- The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art has announced a 
special program opportunity for the community to participate in a two-hour 
session to “meet and greet the beneficial insects of your 
garden.”  Monitoring, identification and record keeping will be a highlight 
of the insect portion.

Flora Eyster, the greenhouse caretaker at Bucknell University and 
professional IPM and organic horticulturist, will be on hand on Saturday, 
April 29th with a detailed presentation on summer 2006-- energy efficient 
gardening.  Take time to attend this seminar so you can sit back and relax 
this summer and reach for the iced mint tea instead of running for your 
insect sprayer.

Eyster is a trained gardener who has worked in the landscape industry since 
1980.  She was the re-design interiorscaper at the John Hancock Towers, 
Boston. Corporate customers were a part of her business but her real love 
is in helping home gardeners graduate quickly into 21st century gardening 
options.  She has worked in residential landscape taking on the role of 
plant and gardener counselor.

Beneficial Yard Insects­A Natural Investment
The seminar will cover use of beneficial insects in the garden.  Don’t miss 
this opportunity to meet and greet your own backyard populations.

Getting Acquainted with New Horticultural Products that are Safe for Birds, 
Pets, Children and the Environment­
Eyster will introduce those attending to use of soap, water, canola oils, 
chocolate and other mulches, and yes, lots of red worms.

Bye Bye Petroleum, Hello Beneficials
Learn to work with alternative products in your garden for weed control, 
disease control, insect control and soil amendments.  Weaning off petroleum 
can be exciting as you discover you gain more miles per hour in your garden 
with energy efficient use of products.

Eyster will also cover “Lifetime Tools, Good Choices for your Years of 
Satisfying and Effective Gardening.”

Please call the Ned Smith Center for details and to make your 
reservation.  But hurry.  Classes are going to fill up fast.  There will be 
an organic coffee and pastry break mid way through the two-hour session.


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