[PAEE] VX through PA

Mike Ewall catalyst at actionpa.org
Fri May 14 09:07:18 CDT 2004

Green Delaware, the only grassroots statewide environmental group in 
Delaware, has been taking a leading role in opposing the VX shipments from 
Indiana to DuPont's Deepwater, NJ facility (and ultimately, to the Delaware 

For more information, you can contact their Executive Director, Alan Muller at:

Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731-0069
greendel at dca.net
http://www.greendel.org (check their website for info, though the site 
seems to be down at the moment I'm writing this)

They have a great email list you can join at: 

Below are some points from one of the alerts they sent last month.  I 
spelled out a few of the acronyms for those who aren't familiar with toxics 
issues and the various environmental laws...

Oppose shipment of the VX wastes ("hydrolysate") to the Delaware Valley, 
and support on-site treatment at the Newport, Indiana, facility.

Here are some specific points:

(1) an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) is required under NEPA (the 
National Environmental Policy Act);

(2) the FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) fails to adequately 
examine alternatives;

(3) the Army and DuPont misrepresent that no VX would be coming to the 
Delaware Valley;

(4) There is insufficient information regarding the destruction of VX 
byproducts at Chambers Works. DuPont's data show that about 80 percent of 
the MPA and EMPA would pass through the plant and be discharged into the 
Delaware River;

(5) DuPont toxicity tests are insufficient to determine the environmental 
impact of the discharge of effluent into the Delaware River;

(6) DuPont did not perform toxicity tests on a sufficient number of species;

(7) The Army is not allowing a sufficient time frame for public comments to 
be submitted;

(8) DuPont and the Army Failed to adequately provide an opportunity for 
comments on the record at the public hearings;

(9) The Army has not consulted with the Fish & Wildlife Service as Required 
by the Endangered Species Act;

(10) The Army has not analyzed impacts to threatened and endangered species 
in the Delaware River and

(11) The Army has not explained how all RCRA (national hazardous waste law) 
requirements will be satisfied;

(12) The proposed plan would violate the Clean Water Act by causing 
increased pollution of the Delaware River.

(13)	The Army's own studies, and many other studies, have confirmed that 
"biological oxidation," the technology used at chambers works, is not 
suitable for treatment of VX hydrolysate.

(14)	Transportation of the VX hydrolysate for hundreds of miles poses 
unacceptable and unnecessary hazards.

Mike Ewall
1434 Elbridge St.
Philadelphia, PA 19149
catalyst at actionpa.org

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