[PAEE] Sticking Up for EE

Roy rab304 at psu.edu
Fri Jul 2 13:28:06 CDT 2004

Jean and PAEE Listserv Members,

   And thank you and PAEE for having the energy, courage, and intestinal 
fortitude to track down reliable information and make the case for an 
environmental education community that works as members of a team towards 
the common goals we have, while respecting and appreciating the goals of 
others in the EE community that we may not all share in.  EE is many things 
to many people, but turning it into a politicized battle distracts us all 
from our primary mission - environmental education.

A lot of people expended time and energy in information gathering and 
dissemination over the past months regarding SB1040, diverting time and 
energy from work, family, and personal well-being.  If they had not, 
environmental education as we know it and believe it should be would have 
been compromised further than it has been.  I hope the EE community remains 
vigilant, vocal, and revitalized.  It's not over until it's over.

Strength is important, but endurance is also a valuable quality.  I hope 
that PAEE and the entire network of people and organizations renew old 
acquaintances,  make new ones, and move their agendas forward with the 
support of our government officials and higher education 
institutions.  Let's move forward, but let's not forget to cover our flanks 
and our backsides!


At 07:39 AM 7/2/2004, Jmweeteach at aol.com wrote:
>Dear PAEE Members, Friends, and Colleagues,
>I'm always amazed at the way things are interpreted, actually 
>misinterpreted, by some who appear to be determined to divide our EE 
>community. For whatever reason or personal gain, I can't imagine, but it 
>certainly can't be for the overall good of EE.
>After months and months of working side-by-side in collaboration with many 
>state agencies, key legislators, department heads, and friends of EE we 
>have, through hard work and determination, both strengthened this 
>community and been recognized and supported for our efforts.
>Not surprising to me, however is that just yesterday, after all is said 
>and done, the final e-mail in my in-box reads as follows:
>"Jean, why is it so hard for you to stick up for EE?"
>When I asked our members, friends, colleagues and partners how best to 
>respond to this e-mail message, the concensus was, "just don't" and so, I 
>Thank you all for working so closely with me and with each other. Most of 
>all, thank you for sticking up for EE.
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